What is Aonori Cafe?

The Aonori café is an opportunity for you and Norio Aoki to get to know each other.
It is natural for politicians to interact with active members of the community.
On the other hand, when it comes to interaction with people who are unable to participate in local activities due to work or household chores or with people who have newly moved to Kawasaki, the main interaction takes place in mundane places such as in front of stations, where people can express their own opinions.
Aonori Café was born out of this process, as we needed a way to communicate with people from different backgrounds, and not just at different stations.
The more exchanges that take place at Aonori cafés, the easier it is for local voices to be heard by the city council.
We invite you to visit the Aonori café and speak with us whenever you can.

Aonori’s Cheer Squad

I want to know what is going on in my community on a regular basis! I want to share the information I have learned as a councilor with you! With this in mind, the Aonori Café is a regional round-table discussion group that anyone can freely participate in.
As the meetings are held in each district, they are held in familiar places and the opinions are given in a small, homely and informal manner. We will not only talk about community-based issues such as the state of the roads, local disaster prevention, child supervision and crime prevention in the community, and requests regarding public facilities such as parks, but also carefully explain major issues that are being promoted city-wide, such as special municipalities and future energy issues.
Aonori Cafe is one the best places to get your opinions heard by the people running the city.

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